Our Process



(Stage A)


The crucial first step is to find the ideal location for your beautiful new home. A block near the beach, a trendy inner-city location,or several acres in the hills. Once you have purchased the land, the dream is ready to come true.

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Get in touch and let’s chat! Grand Living Homes can’t wait to go through your ideas with you and then take you through the steps needed to transform your ideas into a reality.


One of the more exciting stages is designing your very own living space; working on plans to suit the specific needs of you and your family. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure nothing is overlooked.


We provide a realistic estimate of costs based on the design.


This is the point where the design and estimate are agreed upon by both parties who sign the preliminary plans agreement and we can take it forward in more detail.



(Stage B)

Exterior Finishes

Another exciting stage is deciding on the external finishes you would like on your home. In this stage, the colours of the window frames, roof, gutters, cladding and so on is decided.

Internal finishes & selections

Paint or wallpaper? Carpet or wooden flooring? Door knobs or door handles? The possibilities for the interior of your home are only limited by your imagination.

Quotation / Contract

With your finishes decided and an investigation on your land completed, we can provide an accurate quote for your home. This is the documentation required by your lending institution in order to offer you a construction loan. We are more than happy to provide you with a lender if required.

Approvals to build

At this point, we submit all documentation to the council and, once approved, we can begin turning your designs into a beautiful home.



(Stage C)

Land Preparation

The features of your particular block will determine the type of preparation required. Nevertheless, our experienced team will do whatever is required to ensure the build site is properly prepared.


The complexity of your project will determine the construction timeframes. However, we will keep you up-to-date at every stage so you never have to wonder what is happening.


The moment has arrived! Finally, you receive possession of your magnificent new home, and you and your family can start making a lifetime of memories.

Peace of mind

6-month maintenance period after home handover and lifetime structural warranty.


We provide continued after service with our clients to ensure complete client satisfaction.


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