Why do we have a building director oversee all stages? Why not a salesperson or supervisor?

At Grand Living Homes our strength is the personalised service we offer and our communication skills. We understand you’re investing a lot of your time, effort and energy with us, so we’re going to give you the absolute best we can offer.

How long will our project take from start to finish?

As you can imagine, every project is unique. Once we know what is involved in your particular project, we aim to supply you with a realistic timeline as soon as practically possible.

Is it true you’re more expensive than a project/volume builder?

To answer this question, I would like to offer an example. Compare the purchase of a luxury car to buying an entry level car. They both drive you from one destination to the other, but one will give you significantly more comfort, style, luxury, and prestige for your investment than the other. When choosing us as part of your building journey, you can trust your needs will not only be met, but often surpassed.

Do you have any display homes we can look at?

For the convenience of our clients, we have an extensive range of interior and exterior shots of Grand Living homes on our Instagram page, or we can schedule an appointment to visit our homes currently under-construction.

Do you have designs or do we engage an architect or building designer?

As a custom home builder, we offer our clients the choice of choosing a home from one of our many designs,or working with our design service to produce an entirely original home. However, if you would prefer to provide your own designs, we are able to provide an estimate based on your blueprints.

Is your question not here? Please message us and we’ll get back to you.

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