5 Things a home owner should know before choosing A builder

Your choice of builder could be the difference between having the home of your dreams or living to regret your decision. This is one of the biggest investment decisions of your life. So why would you take shortcuts?

For most homeowners or renovators, the ideal builder is one who;

  • Pays attention to detail
  • Considers quality over quantity
  • One who has the expertise and professionalism required for the job

You should never settle for less or you could regret it for a very long time. But with the ideal builder, you are guaranteed to get a house that your family will love living in.

We will explain 5 things a homeowner should know before choosing a builder:

  1. Quality over quantity – You need first understand that a custom home is not the same as a project built home. When you are ready to build or renovate your home, it’s not something you should take lightly. A project builder may see your home as every other one. When your home is individual, and it should be built to suit your personal needs. The last thing you should worry about are ongoing repairs after handover, especially repairs to vital structural components that may be difficult and costly to fix or upgrade later. Quality over quantity is key. As a custom home builder, Grand Living Homes aims to ensure a smooth building process from planning to handover. We take pride in what we do, and we give our absolute best to see our clients satisfied with their home. Quality in this context is not just about the products used, but the expertise of your builder. Paying attention to detail and getting it just right is very important when building a home and that is precisely what you’ll get when Grand Living Homes handles your future building projects.


  1. Communication – We provide updates from starting in sales to completion at handover. You deal directly with the qualified builder, not a salesman, or prestart consultant or site supervisor and this is a major advantage we have over the volume builders. When you contract us to build your home, we pull all our resources to get the job done, and we carry you along every step of the way. In fact, your schedule is our schedule. We return all calls and emails promptly. At Grand Living Homes we’re known for setting and meeting realistic deadlines.


  1. Flexibility – Changes in design and the ability to make upgrades without extra charges is a major part of our job. You are building a home, your dream home; it is not unreasonable for you to demand for the best. We understand that while the job is in progress, there might need to make valuable changes to the initial structural plan to better suit your desire and we’ll help you swiftly carry out the changes in line with your budget. Most importantly, we value transparency with the costs associated at the start of the project. So there are no surprises with extra fees.


  1. Cost – When you purchase a car, what do you look for? The make/model? Fuel Economy? Style? Value for money? A new home project is no different. We’re not the cheapest builder by any means, but when you buy cheap, often you get what you pay for. One thing our clients have always liked about us is the honesty with our services. Our philosophy is to support the client along the building process, quality means just that to us. Our tradespeople and suppliers adhere to our high level of standard. We encourage clients to be involved, we don’t shy away from questions, and we promptly give a comprehensive estimate so everything is outlined from the start.
    Grand Living Homes doesn’t endorse gimmicks or sales techniques to entice our clients to build with us. You may hear of sales pitches like “$50,000 worth of inclusions for $5,000” or “Upgrade this month to receive our current promotion, if you don’t it won’t be available again”. We don’t push our clients into a decision it’s made on their own terms.


  1. Experience and reputation – With over 10 years of experience in the industry, it makes us your best option in terms of technical know-how, communication, cost efficiency, and industry connections. We know what works, why it works and how it works. Our reputation speaks for itself. Our team comprises of professionals who stay on top of building standards and industry changes to give our clients the best outcome possible.

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