Simplicity of Two Storey Construction

Simplicity of Two Storey Construction

When we first begun talking with our clients, they wanted to build a two storey home that had city views. The design process involved a number of revisions that changed the plans internally and externally. After agreeing on the final plans we provided a costing which included the base price of the home and a separate costing for preliminary works.

The preliminary plans and costings were signed off and we began our approval through the shire. The planning phase of construction can often take between 4-6 weeks. Through this phase the plans can be required to be amended based on the council requirements, fortunately our in-house drafting team take care of all revisions and in this case the plans went through without much fuss.

Our clients then move onto what I call the ‘beautification’ stage of home building. Which involves choosing their colour selections, tile selections and finishes of their home. All of our homes are selected with an interior designer to achieve the best desired look and some of the results are below.

When someone asks me if building a two storey home is difficult or challenging compared to a single storey home, I would say no, but this is because the attention to detail that Grand Living Homes provides from the beginning means very little is overlooked.

Having a registered builder managing from the start and offering full-time supervision over the life-time of the project is crucial in smooth construction.

Whether it’s two storey, three storey or single storey you can be rest assured that the home is being constructed above our clients expectations.

Getting back to our two storey for our clients, we begun construction in November of 2018, the owners opted for their own demolition, then once the site was raked and cleared we poured the slab, being in the warmth of summer we monitor for slab cracking and pond the concrete slab to avoid possible shrinkage cracks.

Brickwork on the ground floor completed just before Christmas, with the first floor due to poured in the early new year. The first floor consisted of a lightweight Suspended Concrete System. This enabled us to run our services within the first-floor space without the need of installing any drop bulkheads and lowering the ceiling height.

The most important part of two storey building is ensuring that your trades and suppliers understand that you need to keep to a strict schedule. Pre-planning is crucial and advance calls will mean less headaches and time delays in construction.

The finished home was handed over to our clients in July 2019, finished well ahead of the original September schedule. Our clients can now sit back relax and enjoy the lovely views of Perth.

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