Outdoor Living Space Trends To Watch Out For In Custom Homes

Outdoor Living Space Trends To Watch Out For In Custom Homes

Your outdoor living space has to represent a personal sanctuary from the stresses of daily life outside the home. Your outdoor living space has to be a place where you can go to enjoy life to its fullest or to tune out the rest of the world for a little while.

In custom homes, outdoor living space has evolved to create more comfortable spots to lounge and enjoy with your family and friends. Enjoying outdoor space is trending throughout the world where people don’t want to spend money on travel. Instead, they prefer to host parties and movie nights in their outdoor living space and kitchens. With this intent, we can saw more thoughts going into the outdoor design of a custom luxury home.
So, in this read, we’ve brought up some ingenious trends for your outdoor living space to watch in 2020.


The addition of BBQ Kitchen to the outdoor living space instantly transforms a simple patio or backyard into a welcoming outdoor living space. With a dedicated grilling area and outdoor kitchen, the space is perfect to host BBQ parties and invite friends and family to enjoy together. You can induce a perfect backyard cook spot with BBQ island, fridge, and bar seating. With a grill and food-prep station can be an exciting trend to watch for your custom home.

Outdoor Entertainment

Taking your entertainment centre onto the outdoor patio is another trendy addition. Outdoor TVs are made to withstand outdoor conditions. They’re weatherproofed and are more than just a flat-screen being installed outside. Incorporation of built-in sound speakers can be placed in your alfresco and connected up via Bluetooth to get the party mode started or maybe just a nice quiet relaxing night in.

Water features

The sound of running and falling water is soothing that adds a relaxing vibe to the outdoor space of your custom home. If you’re looking to introduce beauty and tranquillity into your outdoor space, try adding a water feature. You can either line your yard with a small stream or add a fountain right next to the fire pit. You can also try adding a kid-friendly splash pad or even a large swimming pool keeping in mind the availability of area.

We love challenging the design elements of the home, how about asking Grand Living Homes for a pool that can run off your home or a built-in koi pond under your house or walkway. Ask us if you’d like to incorporate this into the design and let’s make something grand.


To spend awesome nights in your outdoor space you need to have an apt amount of artificial lights around your outdoor space. You can add quality outdoor lighting built-in your well-designed outdoor features. You can use string light and landscape lighting to your existing space.

Downlights and stair lights create a beautiful mood, and why not consider smart technology with your lighting so you can choose the colour of your lights, and dim if required, all from the touch of your handheld device.

Fire Pit

Backyard fire pit ideas with a cozy seating area can just take your outdoor living space to the next level of comfort and luxury. You can design a space around your fire pit to encourage lounging and late-night conversation. But you need to arrange other elements of your outdoor space to incorporate the effect of the backyard fire pit to maximize your outdoor time. A fire feature is even trendier than the water features.

Nature’s Influence

With the involvement of material world all around the natural human response has been an increased need for natural elements such as wood, plant life, rocks, water, or fire). So, you can either incorporate design elements that mimic natural elements or you can build a natural environment around in your outdoor space.

Homemade gardens are aesthetically pleasing and also practical at the same time. We can provide landscaping packages for your luxury home and complete the look.



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