Kitchen Design Ideas For Luxury Homes

Kitchen Design Ideas For Luxury Homes

Your luxury home deserves a kitchen that is functional, stylish, and presentable. It is without a doubt that the kitchen is the heart of your luxury home and you’ll want to make sure it’s filled with all kinds of items you’d expect at your favourite restaurant.
Kitchen design and functionality is worth the investment and effort. Arguably the kitchen is the best at raising your property’s value and attracting potential buyers but also for creating the ‘WOW’ factor.

But on the market, there are many functional kitchen assets that are jammed into a small room; a kitchen design can be daunting at times, especially for new clients looking for luxury and style. With so many brands and possibilities out there in the market; you can easily fall for those sugary marketing jingles. The ideal home kitchen shouldn’t cost you a fortune but at the same time, it’s a bit challenging to find a happy medium.

With so many other reasons for a kitchen re-vamp, you must never forget that you’re indulging in all this messy exercise to fix those pesky annoyances in your current design to greatly improve your home lifestyle. So before putting your hand on a jackhammer and knock down the walls; have a look at our list of kitchen ideas for luxury kitchens; that’ll make your cooking life simply the best.
Feeling thrilled? Let’s jump straight in:


Drawers, drawers & drawers! Did I mention Drawers? You need them. If your new kitchen design doesn’t cater to your pots and pans, then you’re losing storage space. The utensil drawers are your best friend as well. If you can make the utensil drawer to 600mm wide in lieu of a standard 450mm you have extra space for your cooking utensils.

The best luxury kitchen cabinet materials need to be long-lasting. The available options are wood, veneer, MDF, stainless steel and laminate. Laminates offer a plethora of designs and finishes to satisfy your creative palette.

Some of the best luxurious picks for door and drawer faces to bring the style are as follows;
Flat / Smooth finish – Can be in matte or high gloss, Shaker style, Glass door cabinets (They look great in overheads), Heritage / Traditional look, country style and Finger grip rails (Gives a seamless look to your kitchen with no handles).


Being the hardest-working room in the luxury house, it is without a doubt that your kitchen requires a durable floor that can take all the abuse from spills and drips to the plot of feet. With so many flooring materials available in the market; you need to select one keeping in view the style, comfort, and functional requirements. Hardwood, vinyl, porcelain & ceramic tile, and natural stone are some of the common flooring materials for the kitchen. If you don’t mind going out on a limb burnished concrete and polished concrete are some of the greatest looks to have, however in winter prepare yourself as the floor can get chilly.

From all, vinyl floating flooring is getting popular as the most versatile kitchen flooring solution. It is durable and impervious to stains, damage, and moisture problems, but this will depend on the grade of vinyl you purchase. It is easy to clean and sweep. Modern luxury vinyl floors are the high-quality affordable choice that can also give you the looks of hardwood floors.

Countertops & Kitchen Islands

Countertops and kitchen island defines the active workplace and cooking area in your house’s heart that has to be sturdy and stylish. From the list of recommended countertop materials granite is at the top of the list. It gives you the ideal non-porous surface that is easy to clean and can withstand all sorts of cooking activities. But if you’re tight on budget, you can go for an engineered stone such as Essastone or Quartz stone, which though gives a chic style but for a fraction of the cost, this range will vary in cost so you need to make sure that when discussing this with your luxury builder that they make this apparent that the stone is in the high range or low range costing.


A scullery is fast becoming the growing addition to every home owners wish list, all the mess and noise can be done within the back of the kitchen and then forgotten about until your friends and family have departed. This keeps your kitchen looking in top form.

Factors to consider in your luxury scullery will be a sink to wash up in, dishwasher requirements if you are short of time, Pantry space is crucial for storing larger kitchen wares but also a prepping station can be useful too.


Okay, where do we start? Top tips for appliances are going to be dependent on your cooking requirements. We at Grand Living Homes have fitted double ovens, warmer drawers, freestanding cooktops, island range hoods, in-built microwaves, in-built fridges, the list goes on.

If you’re trying to create a specific look for your luxury kitchen then you’re best to liaise with our building designer in the early stages to make sure we get your kitchen design correct. Then when it comes down to the interior designing stage we can make sure the appliances you’ve chosen will fit incorrectly.

In a nutshell

Picking the right materials for your luxury kitchen is arguably a tricky and mystifying step in the kitchen design phase. You have to brainstorm all possibilities out there and choose the right kitchen material and you need a clear vision of your requirements, goals, and priorities.

Here at Grand Living Homes we help make that step a much easier outcome with our qualified interior designers to aid through the ‘beautification’ process.



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